CEO / Managing Director
Ligia C. McLean

Offering global advisory and business development services, as well as offset and industrial participation strategies to pursue new methods of business growth objectives through the establishment of the McLean Consultancy Firm, is an opportunity to apply years of experience and expertise.

Ms. McLean has led and implemented successful defense industrial participation programs over 25 years, yielding industrial returns in more than 15 countries, and achieving revenue generating projects valued more than US$3 billion in various industry applications. Through extensive network and relationships she has  developed industrial participation proposals and projects that led to the execution of hundreds of projects creating ‘win-win’ opportunities.  By participating with various country authorities through NATO programs and other direct military sales, Ms. McLean has also gained insight and relationships into local international industries and their capabilities.

The various programs covered a wide range of activities, including export development and sales of international products, set up of co-production, final assembly, systems integration, software development, component manufacturing, R&D activities, and maintenance support activities.  

Ms. McLean has demonstrated a passion not only for the international environment but also for the small business owner entering the US market.  Her success is attributed to concise communication, her network, and a drive to achieve tangible results.