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We provide:

Business Development

Industrial Participation & Offset Solutions

Collaborating with our customers helps create opportunities for growth by:  

1.  Introducing international expansion via innovative methods

2.  Creating a network of industry experts with like-minded goals

3.  Developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial

4.  Satisfying offset obligations, reducing potential revenue loss


Services Offered

Business Development & Sales Support Services

  • Assess current business and customer market growth potential 

  • Build trusting relationships with industry leaders, government entities and community

  • Expand your professional network

Industrial Participation & Offsets

  • Analyze Industrial Participation / Offset Potential

  • Develop innovative revenue generating projects and solutions

  • Prepare customized professional proposals

  • Conduct international contract development and negotiations

  • Meet, or exceed client obligations


Clients & Partners


Alziebler, Inc.

Valued Client

 A small woman-owned, (WOSB), HUBZone certified precision machining company looking to grow their business.  We are creating a network of aerospace and defense applications with a potential to expand internationally.


Sun Test Systems, b.v.

Creative Synergy

Their innovative product serves aerospace and defense customers providing unique multi-functional aircraft ground equipment (MFAGE).  We are sharing this product and potential manufacturing in various countries and developing a creative approach to satisfy offset obligations.


Icebear Capital Partners / VRC Metal Systems

Successful Collaboration

VRC provides lead-the-field high pressure cold spray technology which is gaining ground for corrosion resistance application as well as for metal repairs and additive manufacturing.  This unique capability is growing into new avenues with collaborations for new material applications to be further developed internationally.



Valued Client

With expertise in aerospace and automotive castings and forgings, Iwamet is a Polish/American company that can compete effectively and provide quality products for any application in their domain.  We are capitalizing on their growth potential  in the offset/industrial participation arena.




We partnered with A-MEDICA to produce a market study which has the potential to yield future partnerships and offset satisfaction.  From medical connections to ammunition manufacturers, partnerships can yield great results.


Arizona Forward

Circular Economy Solutions

Board Member

Technical innovation and/or programs that reduce waste and improve productivity of resources, enabling a circular system that achieves positive environmental and economic results.


Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Creative Synergy

We support many companies that come to Greater Phoenix for research and development. Greater Phoenix has become a top place to perform research due to the qualified candidates graduating from Arizona’s universities, the variety of tax credits and the amount of profit that can be made.


ASU Sustainability Solutions

Creative Collaborations

Supporting ASU's Sustainable Solutions Institute through shared networks and combined company knowledge to develop solutions for environmental issues is a passion that we hope to share with our partners.